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Meringues For All Occasions In Brisbane And Ipswich

'Tried these at the Tivoli drive in - by far the best meringue cookies I've ever tried! And a great variety of flavours too!'

Whether it’s a birthday in Ipswich, a party in Logan, or significant social event in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, we’ve got you covered... covered in sugary goodness that is! We’re able to customise and create meringues for any event imaginable that can then be tailored to compliment the theme or mood of the occasion. Call us today with information about your requirements and let us handle the rest.

Let us make something delicious for you today!


Completely Customisable Looks And Flavours

We can accommodate your requests and hand bake meringues into a variety of different shapes or unique flavours. This is a fantastic service for those that are hosting an event and want to impress guests by fashioning a dessert feature that aligns with the inspiration behind the event. Our gourmet meringue creation capabilities are only limited by your imagination.

Can Facilitate Gluten, Dairy, Soy And Nut Free Requests 

Our meringues can be made to be gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free or dairy-free depending on your own individual request. They’re hand-made so we know exactly what goes into them, and we endeavour to source all of our ingredients from trusted suppliers within Australia to make sure that we don’t compromise the deliciousness of the final product.

Incredible Flavours That’ll Have You Hooked For Life

One bite is all it takes for you to get hooked on the sweet perfection of the most delectable and fun filled meringues available in Brisbane, Ipswich, the Gold Coast and Logan. It’s because our flavours are so innovative that we find people always coming back for more. Indulge your deepest desire for dessert with a light and crispy meringue from Sugar Puff Meringues today.

Call us on 0448 826 204 and order a batch memorable meringues for your next party or birthday

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